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Struggling In Lingerie

2020-01-24JulietteA7:48 minutesBondage
Struggling In Lingerie 0
Struggling In Lingerie 1

Dressed only in sexy underwear, lies the sweet girl on the floor. Tied up with a nylon monoglove.

Cuffed Megan While Photoshooting

2020-01-23Megan42 imagesBondage
Cuffed Megan While Photoshooting 0
Cuffed Megan While Photoshooting 1
Cuffed Megan While Photoshooting 2
Cuffed Megan While Photoshooting 3

A guy has booked Megan for a photoshooting in a hotelroom. She shall cuff herself with handcuffs and anklecuffs. She shall also use a ball gag. Megan does what he wants from her. She does it in a sweet and naiv way. But what is the next step?

Redhead Hogcuffed & Ballgagged

2020-01-22JulietteA9:13 minutesBondage
Redhead Hogcuffed & Ballgagged 0
Redhead Hogcuffed & Ballgagged 1

Half naked, this sexy redhead is tied mercilessly with metal shackles in a hogtie. Even her struggling and wailing will not help her.

Frogtie Escape Challenge

2020-01-21JulietteA5:14 minutesBondage
Frogtie Escape Challenge 0
Frogtie Escape Challenge 1

Tied up tight in a Frogtie tries the naked, blonde girl to free herself. The more she struggles, the more the ropes begin to burn on her skin.

Spandex & Monoglove

2020-01-20JulietteA6:04 minutesBondage
Spandex & Monoglove 0
Spandex & Monoglove 1

Juliette does not seem to be really happy, so bound and gagged in her spandex suit. But more than an angry snorting is not possible.

Juliette Tied With Satinblouse

2020-01-19JulietteA34 imagesBondage
Juliette Tied With Satinblouse 0
Juliette Tied With Satinblouse 1

Juliette is captured while she phones in her car. She wears a sexy business outfit: dark satin blouse, leather skirt and high heel boots. Juliette is sure: The guy wants her laptop.

A Bad Moving

2020-01-18JulietteA7:53 minutesBondage
A Bad Moving 0
A Bad Moving 1

Of course, Juliette did not suspect that the moving company she hired was also specialized in transporting pretty slavegirls.

Tied To A Tree

2020-01-17JulietteA9:45 minutesBondage
Tied To A Tree 0
Tied To A Tree 1

Every prisoner should be allowed to get some fresh air. But only if she is unable to escape.

Lady In Red Hogtied

2020-01-15JulietteA7:11 minutesBondage
Lady In Red Hogtied 0
Lady In Red Hogtied 1

In a hogtie lying on the bed, Juliette desperately tries to escape from the ropes.

Hard To Fall A*leep This Way

2020-01-14JulietteA4:59 minutesBondage
Hard To Fall A*leep This Way 0
Hard To Fall A*leep This Way 1

First chained to the bed, Juliette's collar is released from the bedstead. Her ties, however, remain in place, which will probably not make her a comfortable night.

Handcuffed To The Lawnmower

2020-01-13JulietteA5:42 minutesBlonde, Bondage
Handcuffed To The Lawnmower 0
Handcuffed To The Lawnmower 1

It looks like the boss of the horticultural company is not satisfied with his blonde employee. After being chained to the lawn mower a few hours, hopefully she'll try harder.

Emily Cuffed In A Trunk

2020-01-12Emily39 imagesBondage
Emily Cuffed In A Trunk 0
Emily Cuffed In A Trunk 1

Emily has no chance. A masked woman cuffs her wrists and ankles and Emily has to step in the trunk. The masked woman gags her and soon she will drive away with Emily in the trunk.

Walk Of A Slave Girl

2020-01-11JulietteA8:17 minutesBondage
Walk Of A Slave Girl 0
Walk Of A Slave Girl 1

So that she can later present herself correctly to the highest bidder, a slave must train.

Bring Her To Her Shackles

2020-01-10JulietteA7:32 minutesBondage
Bring Her To Her Shackles 0
Bring Her To Her Shackles 1

Starting outdoors Juliette has to walk, with her hands behind her head, to her new owners house. There her slavechains are already waitung for her...

Hard Struggling

2020-01-08JulietteA7:10 minutesBondage

Private Strip Club

2020-01-07JulietteA8:29 minutesBondage
Private Strip Club 0
Private Strip Club 1

In search of a new slave for his private strip club, the man finds what he wants when Juliette crosses his path.

Tied At The Garage

2020-01-06JulietteA8:34 minutesBondage
Tied At The Garage 0
Tied At The Garage 1

Having an appointment at the service station can be dangerous, especially if you're a sexy blonde.

Shackled In Leather

2020-01-05JulietteA29 imagesBondage