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Fateful Business Trip 0
Fateful Business Trip 1

The business ends fatal for the secretary. Her boss dreams in his office about the trip: They arrive in the hotel and he ties her in a spread eagle on the bed. He cuts her pantyhose to lick her to an orgasm and after licking her he fucks her hard. What a dream. He hopes it will be come true and he leaves the office to pack for the trip. His secretary is already at home. The next day both sit in a car and searches after the way to a house of a friend. She is embarrassed that she forget to book a hotel and she hopes that they arrive the house soon because the evening is near. Finally they arrive the house. Nobody is there but the key is below the doormat. In the house the secretary stops his overtures and he goes in the livingroom and waits some time. She lays on the bed. She is reallt tired. After a while he slinks to her and tries to kiss her. She jumps out of the bed but he catches her and pushes her back on the bed. He strips her dress and boots and ties her wrists with his necktie. He also ties her feets with his leatherbelt. He takes off her bra and pulls down her slip and pantyhose and fucks her hardly from behind until he cums on her back. He gags her with tape. Poor secretary!

The Armbinder Vol. 1

JulietteA 11:27 minutes Bondage
The Armbinder Vol. 1 0
The Armbinder Vol. 1 1

Juliette wears a body and an armbinder and her mouth is gagged with a ballgag. She tries to come free but it's not possible. After a while she gets really angry.

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Trip To The Anal Hell 0
Trip To The Anal Hell 1

Juliette goes for a walk as a car stops beside her. The man asks her if he can drive her to town. Big mistake to sit in the car. But Juliette is naive and gets in the car. It's too late to get out of the car as the man cuffs her wrists behind her back. He takes out his dick and she has to blow his dick in the car. After the blowjob he pulls her out of the car and pushes her on the backseat. She gets anklecuffs and a harnessgag. The man drives away. Juliette tries to come free but no chance. After a while the car stops and they go in a shack. He cuffs her to the wall and she can relax a little in the straw. After some minutes the man comes back and cuffs her wrists in a strapado and pulls down her jeans and panties. She presents him her ass and he pushes his big dick in her tight asshole. The anal fucking hurts but Juliette can't scream too loudly because she still wears the harnessgag. After the anal fucking the sperms drips out of her asshole and he cuffs her again to the wall for more fun later. 

She Had No Choice - Anal 0
She Had No Choice - Anal 1

Juliette searches in the woods after mushrooms. She has a basket in her hand and wears warm boots. Sometimes she holds still and listens because she thought she hears some noise. But there is nobody so she goes the way through the forest. After a while she meets a man who says friendly ”Good Morning” to her and he passes her. That was his plan. Juliette has no eyes in her back and can't see that the man stops and comes back and suddenly he overpowers her and he cuffs her wrists behind her back and ties a ropes around her neck. He drags the rope and Juliette has to follow him to a tree. There he ties her hands above her head to the tree. He also ties her ankles to the tree. He pulls up her shirt and see her sweet tits. Juliette moans a lot and begs him to let her go. Thats why he takes her scarf and gags her mouth. Now there is a little bit silence. He touches her but Juliette moves to much so he takes more ropes and ties also her upperbody and neck to the tree.

He found a new slavegirl in the woods and he wants to show her that he don't accept disobedience. So he takes a whip and whips her tits, stomach and upperbody. Juliette moans a lot and after a long while of whipping he has enough. He pulls down her skirt and slip and unties her right ankle. But only to pull up the leg with the rope. He secures the rope to the tree and now Juliettes pussy is wide open. He touches and massages her crotch area. He takes out his dick and fucks her hard while she stand on the tree. With every stroke her back and ass bangs on the tree. It hurts but the guy has no mercy. After some minutes hard fucking he comes in her pussy. He unties her and allows her to take on the skirt. The rope around her neck is now a leash. The guy leads her through the forest to her new home.

There she has to take off her clothes. She gets a slavecollar and a penis gag and he cuffs her hands again. He is tired that's why she has to go in a cage and stay the night there.

The next morning the guy opens the cage and Juliette has to kneel in front of him. He cuffs her hands on her back and he takes of the penis gag. She has to blow his dick while he lays on the bed. Juliette gives him a blowjob until he cums in her mouth. She has to swallow all. He gags her again and Juliette has to go in the cage again.

After a while the man comes back and he allows her to come out from the cage. But only for the next fucking. He takes off the handcuffs and she has to lay with her belly on the bed. He puts on leathercuffs at her wrists and connects it with ropes to the bed. Now she presents him her ass and asshole. Time for anal fucking. It hurts so much and Juliette moans and screams a lot. After a long while of anal fucking he cums on her ass and back. He wants to take a shower now and Juliette has to go in the cage again.

Miley In Trouble

Miley 27:56 minutes Blow Job, Bondage Sex
Miley In Trouble 0
Miley In Trouble 1

Miley was on the way to her fitness club, but on the way a guy catched her and brings her to his house. Her hands are cuffed on her back. She has to go in the bathroom and she must take of her clothes and take a shower. After she is finished, she tries to escape, but no chance. The guy catches her again and now she is his own slavegirl! At first she gets some leathercuffs on her hands. The guy ties Miley with cuffs to a table. Slavegirl Miley looks so cute and sexy. Now the guy wants to fuck her from behind while she is tied to the table. After  fucking the guy unties Miley. She gets a black ringgag. Miley is still naken and she has to lick his dick and give him a good and long blowjob. What a creampie in Mileys mouth after a good blowjob. The guy is satisfied. But before Miley can lay down herself he wants to spank her a little. Miley is tied again on the table and now the guy starts to spank her because he wants a submissive slavegirl in the future.

Fucked In The Basement 0
Fucked In The Basement 1

Juliette is naked and an intruder carries her over his shoulder in the cold cellar. He cuffs her and now he can touch the naked and sexy body and he fucks her in the basement.

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Hit And Run  0
Hit And Run  1

Juliette sits in the sun and reads a magazine. Suddenly she hears a car and she puts on her white boots and goes to the man who comes out or the car. After a few seconds she knows who he is. Last week she damaged a mirror from a car. And this is the owner from the damaged car and he is very angry and wants to call a lawyer and the police. Juliette won't loose her driver license and wants to pay a lot of money for the damaged mirror. But the man has another idea. He wants to tie her up. She is not amused but after a while of thinking she agrees. They go to the garage and he searches after ropes. But Juliette has no ropes and she is happy, because he can not tie her today. But he finds some cable ties. He ties her wrists on her back and they go to the house.

In the living room Juliette has to lay on the sofa. First she lays on her back but the guy commands her to lay on the belly. He ties her ankles with cable ties and also her knees. And he connects all to a strict hogtie. Juliette moans a lot because the cable ties cuts her skin. It's not very comfortable. He takes out his dick and she blows it. Sometimes she also lick his dick because she has the idea that she can go after the blowjob. After some minutes he stops the blowjob. He also wants to fuck her. He cuts the cable ties on her ankles and knees and looses the hogtie. Juliette has to stand up and both go to the bedroom. In the bedroom she has to undress herself. He also cuts the cable ties on her wrists. She says to him that he can't fuck her because she has menstruation. He don't believe her. He want's to check this out. Thats why she has to pull down the pantyhose and the slip. While she lays on her back he touches her roughly in the pussi. Juliette lied because she has no menstruation.


The Maniac Masseur 0
The Maniac Masseur 1

Juliette has a date at her masseur. Today it is a little bit curious because the massage table stands in the cellar. Her masseur tells her that the practice is under renovation. Okay, that sounds possible so Juliette takes off her clothes in the cellar and lays on the massage table. The masseur comes in and he starts the massage. But Juliette doesn't saw the cloth and suddenly he presses the cloth on her mouth and she faints. He cuffs her ankles with leathercuffs and ropes to the table. She gets leathercuffs on her wrists and a spreaderbar fixes the wrists additionally. He gags her with a cleavegag and starts to stretch her body with a winch. Juliette's body is extremely stretched and she whimpers a lot. The maniac masseur takes a cane and whips her soles. It hurts so much. After the bastinado he has another idea. He takes off the cleavegag and rams his cock in her mouth. Juliette can't mouth and she won't give him a blowjob but has no chance against him. After a long blowjob he gags her again and Juliette lays stretched on the massage table.

Anal Fucked Package Deliverer 0
Anal Fucked Package Deliverer 1

Juliette has to deliver packages. But no one opens the door. She searches after someone and the packages drop down. In the cellar she hears a noise and she goes in with all the packages. Now she wants that the man signs the paper. Juliette has no time to wait. There are more packages she has to deliver. But the guy is not satisfied. It seems that one package is broken and he will not sign. Juliette has no idea what she shall do but the man asks has an idea. Juliette gets the signatur after he has tied her with ropes. Strange but Juliette agrees. She has no money to pay for the broken package so she strips shirt and bra. He takes ropes and ties her wrists on her back and she also gets a breastbondage. The man is horny now. He also wants a blowjob. Juliette has to kneel down and he fucks her mouth. After the blowjob she gets a slavecollar and a ballgag. He ties her to the wall. He is not ready with Juliette. She has to stay longer.

After a while he comes back and takes Juliette to the bedroom. He takes off her boots and panty and Juliette has to sit on the bed. He attaches the slavecollar to the bed. Juliette can't move and presents her ass to him. He rams his dick in her asshole. Juliette eyes grow and she whimpers a lot. The anal fucking is hard and hurts so much. He cums in her ass.

Untie Me, Please!

JulietteA 17:16 minutes Bondage
Untie Me, Please! 0
Untie Me, Please! 1

Juliette is tied with ropes in a spreadeagle. Her flatmate comes in and she begs him to untie her. But he has another idea and he takes his chance to use Juliette.

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