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Dreaming Girl Surprised

2019-08-23 JulietteA 9:09 minutes Bondage
Dreaming Girl Surprised 0
Dreaming Girl Surprised 1

This hot girl is getting surprised by a bad guy while she is in her dreams. He ties her with his tie to her bed.

Hogtied Sweetie

2019-08-22 JulietteA 7:25 minutes Bondage, Hogtie
Hogtied Sweetie 0
Hogtied Sweetie 1

The sweetie is laying hogtied and gagged at the bed. Her arms are tied with a pink Monoglove and wears nothing more than a pantie and gymnastic slippers.

A Slaves Escape

2019-08-20 JulietteA 5:38 minutes Bondage
A Slaves Escape 0
A Slaves Escape 1

Juliette is tied with ropes to a post at a barn. She struggles hard to get free and finally she got it.

Naked & Spreadeagled

2019-08-19 JulietteA 6:12 minutes Bondage
Naked & Spreadeagled 0
Naked & Spreadeagled 1

A wonderfull view of the a naked girl is always guaranteed when she is spreadeagled.

Tied Naked Girlfriend

2019-08-18 JulietteA 5:27 minutes Bondage
Tied Naked Girlfriend 0
Tied Naked Girlfriend 1

Tied and naked the sweet girlfriend is laying on the bed. She struggles but even knows that her boyfriend has more to do with her.

A Night At The Cage

2019-08-16 JulietteA 9:00 minutes Bondage
A Night At The Cage 0
A Night At The Cage 1

The naked slavegirl learns now her new home. A cage where she will stay for the night.

Cheerleader Tied And Gagged

2019-08-15 JulietteA 10:08 minutes Bondage, Costume
Cheerleader Tied And Gagged 0
Cheerleader Tied And Gagged 1

After the guy used the sexy cheerleader she has to take on her clothes again. He cuffs her to the radiator. He leaves her and throws the key for the handcuffs on the floor. Maybe she can reach the key before the party starts.

Girl In A Stock

2019-08-13 JulietteA 8:00 minutes Bondage
Girl In A Stock 0
Girl In A Stock 1

Juliette is tied in stock. There is nothing she can do against the presentation of her hot ass.

Monoglove Struggling

2019-08-12 JulietteA 6:59 minutes Bondage
Monoglove Struggling 0
Monoglove Struggling 1

Her arms tied in a monoglove Juliette is struggling in her bedroom.

Surprised By An Intruder

2019-08-09 JulietteA 7:47 minutes Bondage
Surprised By An Intruder 0
Surprised By An Intruder 1

Juliette is in her bedroom as an intruder invades her home. He overpowers her and ties her up.

Selfgagging & Handcuffed

2019-08-08 JulietteA 8:03 minutes Bondage
Selfgagging & Handcuffed 0
Selfgagging & Handcuffed 1

A Ballgag is always right for a girl and so Juliette puts it on. Then she gets even handcuffed.

Transport To Her New Home

2019-08-06 JulietteA 6:34 minutes Bondage, Hogtie
Transport To Her New Home 0
Transport To Her New Home 1

Juliette is locked into a trunk. She is handcuffed and hogtied. After the car arrived at her new home she is shocked, it's just a barn she will be kept in.

Cheerleader Captured & Cuffed

2019-08-05 JulietteA 6:45 minutes Bondage, Costume
Cheerleader Captured & Cuffed 0
Cheerleader Captured & Cuffed 1

This hot cheerleader is getting captured by a guy in her own home.

Spermed Struggling

2019-08-04 JulietteA 4:35 minutes Bondage
Spermed Struggling 0
Spermed Struggling 1

Tied with ropes and with sperm on her ass from the last fucking Juliette is struggling at the bed.

Blonde Groped In Hogtie

2019-08-02 JulietteA 6:57 minutes Bondage
Blonde Groped In Hogtie 0
Blonde Groped In Hogtie 1

This sexy blonde gets Hogtied and then she gets groped.

Balltied In Jeans

2019-08-01 JulietteA 10:13 minutes Bondage
Balltied In Jeans 0
Balltied In Jeans 1

Juliette is tied with a lot of ropes like a ball. Watch her how she rolls on the bed.

Manhandled Intruder

2019-07-25 JulietteA 39:11 minutes Bondage, Bondage Sex
Manhandled Intruder 0
Manhandled Intruder 1

Sexy intruder Juliette comes into a bedroom. She wears a sexy leather outfit and searches after money. Under the bed is a suitcase. She opens it and first she only finds ropes and then a box with money. She is happy. She takes the money and stuffs it under her jacket. She hears a noise. Oh, someone is coming. Juliette stands up and hides behind the door. But of course the man discovers her as he comes in. Juliette tries to find an excuse, that she is a friend of his wife. But he don't believe her. He grabs her and takes a rope and ties her wrists behind her back. Juliette begs him to let her go, that she is a friend. The man rolls Juliette on her back and bodysearches her and find the money. He is angry. He also ties her ankles and knees with ropes. He gags her with a ballgag and ties a rope around her neck and connects it to the bed. He leaves her to call the police. Juliette tries to come free and after a while she really can stand up and hops to the door. But the man comes back and is surprised that she looses the rope. He called the police and now he has time to use Juliette until the police is coming. He takes of her jacket. He likes her tits. He takes a long rope and do a breast bondage. Juliette has to lay on the bed again. Juliette has to lay on the bed again. He fucks her from the side and enjoys the sight of the breastbondage. After a while she has to kneel on the floor and he fucks her from behind. Juliette moans a lot. He fucks her hard and comes on her ass. After fucking she has to lay on the floor. Now they wait for the police.

Police Officer In Distress

2019-07-18 JulietteA 40:24 minutes Blow Job, Bondage
Police Officer In Distress 0
Police Officer In Distress 1

Juliette is a police officer and it's time for work. At home she make her make up and later we see her in a room. She comes in and there is a man. She is really surprised and she has some handcuffs for him and she tells him, that she is an undercover police officer. He don't believe her and he overpowers her and suddenly Juliette sits with cuffed hands on her back on a chair. He takes a big ring gag and gags her. He also pulls a inflatable gag through the ring gag and pumps it up. Juliette tries to speak but it's not possible. Now the man has a perfect victim for his fetish: lipstick, gags and blowjob. He cuffs her ankles also with shackles.

He takes off both gags. The he pushes a dildo in her mouth. After some minutes he takes out the dildo and because Juliette moans a lot she gets again the pump gag.

The man has now an offer for Juliette. After she renewed the lipstick she can go home. Of course she agrees. But after she did purple lipstick on her lips the guy wants a blowjob. Oh no. Not true. But Juliette agrees and she blows his dick.

After the blowjob she asks him if she can go home. The guy wants first that she refreshes her lipstick. She does it, now with black lipstick. He takes tape and makes a print of her black lips. Nice. But the guy also loves lipstick blowjobs. So she can choose if she wants to do a blowjob with or without ring gag. Juliette agrees to do a blowjob with ring gag.

After blowjob the guy realizes that Juliette is really a police officer. Oh no. Juliette lays on the floor with cuffed wrists and ankles and he pushes the inflatable gag into her mouth.

The Victim

2019-07-11 JulietteA 29:57 minutes Bondage, Hogtie
The Victim 0
The Victim 1
The Victim 2
The Victim 3

Juliette is coming home from work. She's walking along a dirtroad, wearing a short sommerdress and high heels. Sometimes she thougts to hear a noise from the woods, but she can't see anybody. So she walks on. But she's right. A masked man follows her to her house and as she's in, the man breaks into the house and starts his plan. The man puts out his bondage equipment of his bag. During this Juliette is in the kitchen to take some water. As she comes back to the livingroom she realises too late the cuffs on her table. She runs to the door, but the man catches her and pulls her back to the table. There he strips her and pulls her on top of the table. Juliette gets cuffed in a hogtie and cleavegag. Then it's time for the wandvibrator . The maniac plays with this at the girls crotch area and she moans heavy to her gag. The maniac fucks Juliette with a vibrator. Juliette tries to resists, but totally cuffed she is chanceless. After getting enough of this he gives her some orals to her pussy and nipples. Then he cuffs her hands on her back and puts anklecuffs on her. Then he lifts her up and carries her over his shoulder out of the room.

Caught, Tied & Delivered

2019-07-04 JulietteA 38:53 minutes Blow Job, Bondage, Bondage Sex
Caught, Tied & Delivered 0
Caught, Tied & Delivered 1

Juliette wants to move her house. She waits for the moving company and takes some things she will put in the boxes when the company arrives. She wears a red top, blue jeans and high heels. The moving companys arrives and a man comes in with a box. He has to fill out the contract, but he asks strange things like Juliettes older, height and eye colour. Juliette answers it, because she will just start to move. Then the man goes away to get more boxes, but he comes back with many leather straps. He commands Juliette to undress herself and as she only wears her underwear, stockings and high heels he starts to tie her up. After she is completly helpless she gets also a harnessgag to shut her up. The man inspects her and her ties again and then it's time for Juliettes movement. She has to get into the box where the man also ties her feet with chains. Finally the man closes the box with the girl inside.

The man takes the box to a van and drives away with the girl. At a storehouse he takes the box inside and opens it. Juliette is till laying inside the box. The man squeezes her tits before he carries Juliette out of the box. She has to stand and the man tells her what he wants from her. He will sell her as sexslave but he will tests her before. The man removes Juliettes gag and she has to kneel down. Then he makes her to suck his cock. It's difficulty for her with her hands tied behind her back, but she has no other choice. Juliette has to blow the mans cock until the man cums into her mouth. She has to swallow his cum. After this blowjob the man takes his phone and calls the intersted person. At the end of the call Juliette has to go again into the box for the delivery to her new owner.