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Hogtied Sweetie

2019-08-22 JulietteA 7:25 minutes Bondage, Hogtie
Hogtied Sweetie 0
Hogtied Sweetie 1

The sweetie is laying hogtied and gagged at the bed. Her arms are tied with a pink Monoglove and wears nothing more than a pantie and gymnastic slippers.

Anal Bride

2019-08-21 JulietteA 17 images Bondage, Anal Sex, Hogtie

Transport To Her New Home

2019-08-06 JulietteA 6:34 minutes Bondage, Hogtie
Transport To Her New Home 0
Transport To Her New Home 1

Juliette is locked into a trunk. She is handcuffed and hogtied. After the car arrived at her new home she is shocked, it's just a barn she will be kept in.

Blonde Jeans Hogtie

2019-08-03 JulietteA 32 images Bondage, Hogtie
Blonde Jeans Hogtie 0
Blonde Jeans Hogtie 1

The blonde chick is grabbed and cuffed by a bad guy.

The Victim

2019-07-11 JulietteA 29:57 minutes Bondage, Hogtie
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The Victim 1
The Victim 2
The Victim 3

Juliette is coming home from work. She's walking along a dirtroad, wearing a short sommerdress and high heels. Sometimes she thougts to hear a noise from the woods, but she can't see anybody. So she walks on. But she's right. A masked man follows her to her house and as she's in, the man breaks into the house and starts his plan. The man puts out his bondage equipment of his bag. During this Juliette is in the kitchen to take some water. As she comes back to the livingroom she realises too late the cuffs on her table. She runs to the door, but the man catches her and pulls her back to the table. There he strips her and pulls her on top of the table. Juliette gets cuffed in a hogtie and cleavegag. Then it's time for the wandvibrator . The maniac plays with this at the girls crotch area and she moans heavy to her gag. The maniac fucks Juliette with a vibrator. Juliette tries to resists, but totally cuffed she is chanceless. After getting enough of this he gives her some orals to her pussy and nipples. Then he cuffs her hands on her back and puts anklecuffs on her. Then he lifts her up and carries her over his shoulder out of the room.

Don't Play With Your Boss - Vol. 1

2019-03-11 JulietteA 39:29 minutes Blonde, Bondage, Hogtie
Don't Play With Your Boss - Vol. 1 0
Don't Play With Your Boss - Vol. 1 1

Juliette reads a bondage book at her desk. While her colleagues are having lunch she cuffs and gags herself. Really embarrassing as her boss discovers her while she is cuffed on the chair. But he has an idea. He wants to tie her in other positions and if she can escape she can go home. But the hogtie is very thight!