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Jodie - Cuffed Against Her Will

2020-04-15Jodie50 imagesBondage
Jodie - Cuffed Against Her Will 0
Jodie - Cuffed Against Her Will 1
Jodie - Cuffed Against Her Will 2
Jodie - Cuffed Against Her Will 3

Jodie lays on a bed. She wears only bra and slip and her wrists and ankles are cuffed. First she is very shy. She has no idea where she is. But suddenly a man comes in and grabs her. She is very angry and tries to beat the man. No chance. He pulls down her bra and now he can watches her big tits.

Victim Escape

2020-04-14JulietteA7:43 minutesBondage
Victim Escape 0
Victim Escape 1

She was tied up and gagged with many ropes and tape. Watch her slowly how she can lose all this stuff.

Make Yourself Pretty For Your Restraints

2020-04-13JulietteA7:15 minutesBondage
Make Yourself Pretty For Your Restraints 0
Make Yourself Pretty For Your Restraints 1

Juliette puts on an awesome leather outfit. With boots and gloves. Now she is ready for a rope bondage.


2020-04-12JulietteA12 imagesBondage

I wish you really nice and sunny easter days.

Kisses, Juliette

Selfbondage Gone Wrong

2020-04-11JulietteA8:55 minutesBondage
Selfbondage Gone Wrong 0
Selfbondage Gone Wrong 1

Secretary Juliette is bored. All colleagues are for lunch. She takes out a cleavegag and handcuffs and gags and cuffs herself. Just stupid that she can't uncuff herself after a while of struggling. What should only the colleagues think about it?

Girlfriends Seperated

2020-04-10JulietteA7:18 minutesBondage
Girlfriends Seperated 0
Girlfriends Seperated 1
Girlfriends Seperated 2
Girlfriends Seperated 3

Pling and Juliette are tied and gagged. Juliette lays on the floor and Pling on the couch. Suddenly a man comes in and pushes Juliette out of the room. Pling has to stay. Why? That is the question!

Captured At Her Kitchen

2020-04-09JulietteA8:23 minutesBondage
Captured At Her Kitchen 0
Captured At Her Kitchen 1

Juliette makes the dishes. A guy rushes in and catches her. He pushes Juliette on a chair and gags her with a cleavegag und takes ropes and ties her up.

Satin Sisters In Peril

2020-04-08JulietteA30 imagesBondage

Time Is Running Out

2020-04-07JulietteA6:51 minutesBondage
Time Is Running Out 0
Time Is Running Out 1

Wow! Such a sexy blonde damsel in distress. She is tied with a lot of ropes and she gets angry. She can't looses the ropes and the time is running...

Horsewoman Tied & Gagged After Use

2020-04-06JulietteA5:12 minutesBondage
Horsewoman Tied & Gagged After Use 0
Horsewoman Tied & Gagged After Use 1

Sperma is drooling from her head. Sie is ballgagged and her arms are tied behing her back. She has to stay in the house. No time for the horses.

Chainvictim In Distress

2020-04-05JulietteA28 imagesBondage, Blow Job
Chainvictim In Distress 0
Chainvictim In Distress 1

Juliette is overpowered in her house. She is cuffed and blindfolded and gagged. The man and Juliette leaves the house and she has to get in the trunk of a car. They drive to the house of the man. There she has to changes her clothes. She only can leave the cellar for eating. In the cellar again she has to give the man a footjob and blowjob.


Wrapped Struggling

2020-04-04JulietteA11:38 minutesBondage
Wrapped Struggling 0
Wrapped Struggling 1

Her upperbody is wrapped and her mouth is gagged very tightly. Later her legs are also wrapped and she lays in a hogtie on the bed.

An Uncomfortable Ride

2020-04-03JulietteA8:17 minutesBondage
An Uncomfortable Ride 0
An Uncomfortable Ride 1

She gets into a car. She does not know the guy. Later she realizes that it was a mistake. But there she is already tied up and gagged in the trunk.

I Want Out Of These Ties!

2020-04-01JulietteA6:48 minutesBondage
I Want Out Of These Ties! 0
I Want Out Of These Ties! 1

Wrists, ankles, knees... all is tied with ropes. She is also blindfolded and gagged. She really wants to escape.

Cellar Tie Up

2020-03-31JulietteA5:55 minutesBondage
Cellar Tie Up 0
Cellar Tie Up 1

The neighbor has caught her and ties her in his cellar between moving boxes and household waste.

The Hogtied Babysitter

2020-03-30JulietteA6:51 minutesBondage, Hogtie
The Hogtied Babysitter 0
The Hogtied Babysitter 1

The babysitter is lying on the bed with many ropes tied up in a hogtie and is totally angry that she can not escape.

Bondage Model In Peril

2020-03-29JulietteA30 imagesBlow Job, Bondage, Bondage Sex
Bondage Model In Peril 0
Bondage Model In Peril 1

There is not only a photo shooting to do for the model... You will see it!

The Immovable Cheerleader

2020-03-28JulietteA8:20 minutesBondage, Hogtie
The Immovable Cheerleader 0
The Immovable Cheerleader 1

No training today for the sexy cheerleader. She is tied up in a hogtie and gagged by a jealous ex.

Juliette Arrested

2020-03-27JulietteA6:57 minutesBondage
Juliette Arrested 0
Juliette Arrested 1
Juliette Arrested 2
Juliette Arrested 3

A police officer handcuffs Juliette at her home. He lifts her up and carries her on his shoulder away.