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Juliette walks through the forest, searching for some flowers. She doesn´t see the man waiting for her behind the trees. As he comes out it´s too late for Juliette to run away. She gets overpowered. After this, the man ties her up with ropes and shut her mouth with a tape gag. Now it´s time to see what a catch he did. He lifts her shirt a touches her breasts. But he want more! He puts out his dick and does a breast fuck for his pleasure. After the little tit fucking he turns her to her belly and fucks her from behind. Now Juliette awakes and realises that she's in the hands of a maniac. She struggles and muffles to her gag, but she has no chance. He has his fun with her while she cries to her gag. Finally the guy cums on to her ass. But thats not all, he lifts her up and takes her away to have more fun......