Fateful Business Trip 0
Fateful Business Trip 1

The business ends fatal for the secretary. Her boss dreams in his office about the trip: They arrive in the hotel and he ties her in a spread eagle on the bed. He cuts her pantyhose to lick her to an orgasm and after licking her he fucks her hard. The next day both sit in a car and searches after the way to a house of a friend. Finally they arrive the house. Nobody is there but the key is below the doormat. Juliette lays on the bed. She is really tired. After a while he slinks to her and tries to kiss her. She jumps out of the bed but he catches her and pushes her back to the bed. He strips her dress and boots and ties her wrists with his necktie. He also ties her feets with his leatherbelt and fucks her from behind until he cums on her back. Poor secretary!