Captured By A Colleague - XXL MOVIE

  • 37:44 minutes
  • FullHD

Juliette is at home after a hard working day in the office. Suddenly it knocks at the door. It's a colleague from the office. She begs him to come in and take a seat. They talk a little bit and after a while Juliette feels uncomfortable because the guy looks so horny. And really: He overpowers her and ties her wrists on her back and also her ankles while he pulls her on the floor. He takes out his dick. First he wants a handjob. After a while she has to do a footjob. Not easy with tied ankles and wrists.

Next he wants a blowjob. She blows his dick and suddenly he cums in her mouth.

Juliette wants to take a shower now. He unties her and she has to take off all her clothes. He takes anklecuffs and handcuffs and cuffs her in a hogtie on the floor. He leaves her to get something from his car. As he comes back he has a silver slavecollar and puts it around her neck. Now Juliette is ready to take a shower.

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