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Pling is waiting for her lover. She wears sexy dessous. But where is he? Suddenly it rings on the door. But not her darling comes in. No, it's the wife from Pling's lover. She searches after her husband and is not amused. But Pling says, that she don't know, what she wants. Juliette takes ropes and gag and ties Pling up on the floor. Juliette leaves the room after she finished tying. She still searches after her husband. But he is not there. Plings struggles and comes free, because Juliette did not bound so strong. Now it's time for Pling. Juliette comes in and Pling pushes Juliette to sit on the sofa. Now Juliette gets a ballgag and her hands are tied behind her back and she also ties her feets. Juliette has now to sit on the sofa, gagged and tied. Very uncomfortable. So both women waits for lover/husband. He has to decide, which woman he wants: Juliette or Pling.