After Work Distress - XXL MOVIE

2021-02-01JulietteABlow Job, Bondage, Bondage Sex
  • 37:11 minutes
  • FullHD

This video starts with a night shot of a guy, who breaks into Juliettes flat. He searches for some jewels or something else, but he only finds a ballgag and some ropes. So he prepares a rag and waits for his victim. As Juliette comes home from work. The guy catches her and carries her to the bed and ties her in a face-up spreadeagle to the bed. The man lifts her miniskirt and realises that Juliette does not wear panties. What a view to her shaved pussy! Time fo fucking. After a while he unties her. But only to cuffs her ankles with anklecuffs. She also gets handcuffs. Juliette has to kneel in front of the bed. He ungags her and he enjoys the blowjob. Finally after cuming in her mouth he gags her again and leaves her.

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