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Interrogation Torture 0
Interrogation Torture 1

Fantastic interrogation and punishment movie!

!!! Runtime over 45 minutes !!!

Anal Bride - PICTURES 0
Anal Bride - PICTURES 1

Juliette is waiting for the chauffeur. Today is her wedding day and she prepares for it. She looks so cute in the white dress. But not the chauffeur is coming in. A gut overpowers her and gags her with a silk towel. He is not amused because she has not invited him to the wedding. Now it's his turn. He ties her wrists and ankles with ropes and while she is laying on the floor he calls the chauffeur. After the call he prepares her ass with a dildo for real ass fucking. Juliette is screaming because it hurts. After a while he ties her to the table and fucks her in the ass.


Flowergirl In Distress 0
Flowergirl In Distress 1
Flowergirl In Distress 2
Flowergirl In Distress 3

Juliette walks through the forest, searching for some flowers. She doesn´t see the man waiting for her behind the trees. As he comes out it´s too late for Juliette to run away. She gets overpowered. After this, the man ties her up with ropes and shut her mouth with a tape gag. Now it´s time to see what a catch he did. He lifts her shirt a touches her breasts. But he want more! He puts out his dick and does a breast fuck for his pleasure. After the little tit fucking he turns her to her belly and fucks her from behind. Now Juliette awakes and realises that she's in the hands of a maniac. She struggles and muffles to her gag, but she has no chance. He has his fun with her while she cries to her gag. Finally the guy cums on to her ass. But thats not all, he lifts her up and takes her away to have more fun......


Only A Nightmare?

JulietteA 29:54 minutes BDSM, Bondage
Only A Nightmare? 0
Only A Nightmare? 1

Juliette lays on a table. She is totally naked. Her wrists are cuffed with leathercuffs and stretched by a winch. Her ankles are cuffed to the table. The guy punishes her with cold ice and hot coffee. Suddenly he has a tape measure in his hands and he measures the length of her nipples and the length of her labia. What a sick man! Later he takes a dildo on a stick and pushes the dildo in her pussy. Such an evil man! He is not ready with Juliette. Later she stands naked on a wooden shelf. He wrists and ankles are tied with ropes to the shelf. The man comes to Juliette and tickles her and whips her and pushes again a vibrator in her pussy. Juliette moans a lot and at the end he takes a stick and strikes it on her belly.

Later we see Juliette laying in front of her tent? Was it only a nightmare? Quickly she crawls into the tent.

Never Get Into A Car 0
Never Get Into A Car 1

Juliette wears sexy jeans and boots and is on the way to the next city. But the way is long and suddenly a car is coming and the man asks her if he can take her to the town. The guy is very kindly so Juliette has no fear to sit beside him in the car. A big mistake. Soon he overpowers her and she gets handcuffs. He connects a slavecollar with a rope on her neck and he drives deep in the woods with Juliette. The cat stops at an old barn. He pulls Juliette out of the car and they go in the barn. There he connects the slavecollar with chains and a padlock on the wall. Juliette has no key and so she has to stay and waits for the man. He wants to fuck her mouth and Juliette has the right position: down on her knees she can give him a perfect bondage blowjob. Open your mouth and blow the dick, Juliette! After a long while of mouth fucking he cums in her face. He leaves her and Juliette finds a hairpin and tries to crack the padlock.

Slavegirl Stretched And Punished 0
Slavegirl Stretched And Punished 1

Juliette is stretched on a table with a winch and punished in different ways. The man fucks her also with a dildo stick. Juliette is also tied to a wooden shelf. The man whips her and fucks her with a vibrator.

Captured Rider - PREVIEWS 0
Captured Rider - PREVIEWS 1

See already now preview pictures of the movie "Captured Rider".

The blonde rider is very surprised as suddenly a man overpowers her and pushes her to a cellar. There she has to take off her clothes and he fucks her from behind while she only wears her black riding boots.

The movie is coming soon!

Never Disappoint Your Owner 0
Never Disappoint Your Owner 1

The video opens as a man enters the room where Juliette is sitting on the bed. The man is carrying a wooden yoke. Juliette's owner said to him that she was not obedient enough. So the owner has directed him to punish her. She has to strip herself and the man takes the yoke and holds it on Juliette’s shoulders. She puts her wrists in place as he closes and locks it. He then tells her to go downstairs to the punishment room. There is a hard backed chair sitting in the middle of it. A board is fixed to one wall with numerous devices hanging on it. Juliette's owner has decided that she gets 50 strokes of the rod to each of her breasts, followed by the stinger. He prepares her for the punishment and starts with a rubber butt plug. Then he pushes an electro stim into her vagina. He removes the yoke and sign from her neck. Juliette gets a monoglove and a leather harness gag with a metal drain plug in the middle. He secures also a heavy round neck stock. He tells her to sit on the chair and Juliette eases herself down and moans loudly as she rests on the butt plug. The man takes a length of chain and secures it to ankle shackles. He draws her ankles up to the back side of the chair and pulls it over to the other side of the chair. Now he takes her arms and pulls them over the back of the chair and secures her wrists to the back of the chair. Finally, he places a heavy leather strap over her hips. He attaches a pair of magnetic nipple clamps to her nipples. Next the man brings over a cane and shows it to Juliette. She turns her head away and whines in protest. The man holds her arm and strikes her breast. Juliette screams as he strikes her again and again. After 50 strokes to each breast, he stops and takes the stinger. Suddenly the man strikes her with it. Juliette's upperbody is really red now. But the punishment is not over. She gets water and honey and he is cruel to her nipples . The man connects the wires from the cups and the probe in her vagina to a control unit. He then picks up the remote control and presses the button. Juliette’s body shudders and she screams insanely. After some minutes he stops and removes the cups from her nipples. He then picks up the crushers and slowly places it on Juliette’s nipples. He brings over a Hitachi and places it against her crotch. He tapes it to the chair with black duct tape. The man turns on the Hitachi. Juliette shudders and begins to writhe and moan as the orgasm rises. After about a minute she has a huge, screaming orgasm.

Lea Handcuffed

Lea 20 images Bondage
Lea Handcuffed 0
Lea Handcuffed 1
Lea Handcuffed 2
Lea Handcuffed 3

Sexy Lea is laying handcuffed and anklecuffed in the kitchen of her neighbour. She is also gagged with ducttape.

The Anal Pick-Up 0
The Anal Pick-Up 1

Juliette goes through a forest. It's a long way to the city. But she has no other choice. Suddenly a car arrives. The car stops and a man asks her friendly if he can takes her to the city. Juliette bends over and lays her hands on the opened car window. That was a mistake. Juliette can't see that the man has handcuffs beside himself and he cuffs her wrists to the steering wheel. He steps out of the car and touches her body. He cuffs her wrists behind her back and pushes her to the trunk. She has to lay in the trunk and he picks up anklecuffs. Juliette tries to go out of the trunk but the man pushes her again in the trunk and cuffs her in a hogtie. He closes the trunk and drives away with Juliette. He arrives at a hut and he commands Juliette in. There she has to take off her skirt and shirt and he commands her to kneel down. Maybe she can go after a blowjob. So she has to blow his dick until he cums in her mouth. After the blowjob she can't go. He gags her with tape and she has to lay on the floor and he cuffs her in a hogtie. Juliette has to stay and he leaves her. The next morning the man comes back. He wants to fuck her anal and Juliette screams as he rams his dick in her asshole. Anal fucking hurts so much and he enjoys the anal virgin. He cums in her ass and he enjoys to see a really cool creampie after anal fucking. Juliette whimpers and she only gets a slavecollar. Juliette can't go to the town. She has to stay and he cuffs her with a chain to the wall.