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Police Officer In Distress 0
Police Officer In Distress 1

Juliette is a police officer and it's time for work. At home she make her make up and later we see her in a room. She comes in and there is a man. She is really surprised and she has some handcuffs for him and she tells him, that she is an undercover police officer. He don't believe her and he overpowers her and suddenly Juliette sits with cuffed hands on her back on a chair. He takes a big ring gag and gags her. He also pulls a inflatable gag through the ring gag and pumps it up. Juliette tries to speak but it's not possible. Now the man has a perfect victim for his fetish: lipstick, gags and blowjob. He cuffs her ankles also with shackles.

He takes off both gags. The he pushes a dildo in her mouth. After some minutes he takes out the dildo and because Juliette moans a lot she gets again the pump gag.

The man has now an offer for Juliette. After she renewed the lipstick she can go home. Of course she agrees. But after she did purple lipstick on her lips the guy wants a blowjob. Oh no. Not true. But Juliette agrees and she blows his dick.

After the blowjob she asks him if she can go home. The guy wants first that she refreshes her lipstick. She does it, now with black lipstick. He takes tape and makes a print of her black lips. Nice. But the guy also loves lipstick blowjobs. So she can choose if she wants to do a blowjob with or without ring gag. Juliette agrees to do a blowjob with ring gag.

After blowjob the guy realizes that Juliette is really a police officer. Oh no. Juliette lays on the floor with cuffed wrists and ankles and he pushes the inflatable gag into her mouth.

The Victim

JulietteA 29:57 minutes Bondage, Hogtie
The Victim 0
The Victim 1
The Victim 2
The Victim 3

Juliette is coming home from work. She's walking along a dirtroad, wearing a short sommerdress and high heels. Sometimes she thougts to hear a noise from the woods, but she can't see anybody. So she walks on. But she's right. A masked man follows her to her house and as she's in, the man breaks into the house and starts his plan. The man puts out his bondage equipment of his bag. During this Juliette is in the kitchen to take some water. As she comes back to the livingroom she realises too late the cuffs on her table. She runs to the door, but the man catches her and pulls her back to the table. There he strips her and pulls her on top of the table. Juliette gets cuffed in a hogtie and cleavegag. Then it's time for the wandvibrator . The maniac plays with this at the girls crotch area and she moans heavy to her gag. The maniac fucks Juliette with a vibrator. Juliette tries to resists, but totally cuffed she is chanceless. After getting enough of this he gives her some orals to her pussy and nipples. Then he cuffs her hands on her back and puts anklecuffs on her. Then he lifts her up and carries her over his shoulder out of the room.

Caught, Tied & Delivered 0
Caught, Tied & Delivered 1

Juliette wants to move her house. She waits for the moving company and takes some things she will put in the boxes when the company arrives. She wears a red top, blue jeans and high heels. The moving companys arrives and a man comes in with a box. He has to fill out the contract, but he asks strange things like Juliettes older, height and eye colour. Juliette answers it, because she will just start to move. Then the man goes away to get more boxes, but he comes back with many leather straps. He commands Juliette to undress herself and as she only wears her underwear, stockings and high heels he starts to tie her up. After she is completly helpless she gets also a harnessgag to shut her up. The man inspects her and her ties again and then it's time for Juliettes movement. She has to get into the box where the man also ties her feet with chains. Finally the man closes the box with the girl inside.

The man takes the box to a van and drives away with the girl. At a storehouse he takes the box inside and opens it. Juliette is till laying inside the box. The man squeezes her tits before he carries Juliette out of the box. She has to stand and the man tells her what he wants from her. He will sell her as sexslave but he will tests her before. The man removes Juliettes gag and she has to kneel down. Then he makes her to suck his cock. It's difficulty for her with her hands tied behind her back, but she has no other choice. Juliette has to blow the mans cock until the man cums into her mouth. She has to swallow his cum. After this blowjob the man takes his phone and calls the intersted person. At the end of the call Juliette has to go again into the box for the delivery to her new owner.

Secretary In Dungeon 0
Secretary In Dungeon 1
Secretary In Dungeon 2
Secretary In Dungeon 3

What we can do with a hot secretary you can see it here. Cuffed with shackles in a dungeon.

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Ticklish Babe 0
Ticklish Babe 1
Ticklish Babe 2
Ticklish Babe 3

A guy knows that Juliette has a lot of money in her house. The problem: The money is in a safe and the guy doesn't know the combination. He breaks into the house and goes in the cellar to take a look on the safe. While he do this, Juliette arrives at home and has no idea, that the guy is in her house. She changes her clothes and wears really sexy stockings and a sweet shirt. Than it happens: The guy handgags her. He wants to know the combination of the safe. Juliette gets leathercuffs on her hand and also on her feets. Because she don't say the combination of the safe, she is tied to her bed. She is tied to a spreadeagle. Oh no. And now follows a nightmare for Juliette: Tickling! Juliette struggles against her bonds and the guy tickle her. Jesus! Juliette is crying and laughing. She is so ticklish. She will tell him the combination if he stops the tickle-torture. Juliette is happy that the tickling is stopped. The guy goes to the safe to look if the code is correct. Juliette struggles again against her bonds. But after the return of the guy she is quiet. In reality the guy is nice. He unties her feets. Maybe it's time to lick his dick because he is so nice to her?  And whats about a nice fuck in missionary style? The guy fucks Juliette on her bed. Oh yeah, what a horny fuck. He cums on her belly. He leaves her and after this he struggles against her leathercuffs and finally she can untie her hands.

Tied And Fucked By The Postman 0
Tied And Fucked By The Postman 1
Tied And Fucked By The Postman 2
Tied And Fucked By The Postman 3

Juliette is at home, wearing boots, stockings, a miniskirt and a jeans top, as a postman rings at the door. She opens it and the man comes in with the package. Juliette should sign the delivery, but the pencil is out of function. So she goes away to take another. The postman checks her dress and body with his eyes and decides to have a lot of fun with her. As she's back and sign the delivery the man grabs her and pulls her arm behind her back. He pulls her to the sofa and commands her on her knees. Then he handcuffs her hands on back, ringags her and ties her feet with anklecuffs. Juliette screams and cries to let her go, but the man starts to undress her. The man takes down Juliettes skirt and also her panties. Then he leaves her alone to see if she has some money in the house. Juliette tries to free herself. She struggles against the bonds and tries to break the chains. She squirms on the floor and moans to her gag. But finally she has no chance and the cuffs held her in place as the man comes back. He touches her cunt and as she tries to creep away the man takes his belt out of his trousers. The postman uses his belt as leash at Juliettes neck. So she can't creep away. He pulls her down to the sofa so she kneels in a perfect doggy style position. Then the man takes out his dick and fucks her from behind. Juliette moans and struggles, but cuffed and leashed, shes got no chance to resist the fuck. The man continues for minutes his pleasures to fuck Juliette from behind, but then he changes his mind. Juliette has to kneel in front of the man and must lick his cock through the ringgag. After the man has enough of this he ungags the girlie and commands her to do a blowjob. He opens her jeanstop and her nice tits become viewable. So she kneels completly naked, but still cuffed in front of her masters cock. She has to suck his dick. She gags on it and moans all the time. Surely she hopes that he man cums quickly, but he enjoys the blowjob and so he let her suck a few minutes. Finally he loads his cum right in her face and the sperm runs down to her breasts. So he lefts her on the floor, still cuffed at hands and feet. As the man is gone Juliette tries to clean her face, but it's really difficulty with the hands tied on the back. She also tries again to break the chains, but at the end she realises that there is no chance for her and so she waits until help will come to her.

An Intruder Fucked Me 0
An Intruder Fucked Me 1

Juliette is laying in her bed after a hard working day. She wears sexy nylons and black underwear. She don't realize that a guy comes in. He catches her. Tthe guy starts to tie Juliette with ropes to her bed. The guy ties her to a spread eagle. After he is finished Juliette realizes the situations. Before Juliette screams to loud the guy gags her with a ballgag. The guy is so horny, he can't wait. He puts of his clothes and sits on Juliettes ass. His cock is hard and wants more...

After fucking the guy shots his cum on Juliettes ass and then he leaves her. Juliette is happy. Now it's time to escape and Juliette tries to get free...

A Job Turns Into Slavery 0
A Job Turns Into Slavery 1
A Job Turns Into Slavery 2
A Job Turns Into Slavery 3

Juliette has a job as housecleaner. She comes to the house. But there was a missunderstanding. The housekeeper called the wrong agency. He wants not a real housecleaner, he wants a sexy girl who plays with him. Juliette has to lay down on the floor. Her hands and feets are tied to an hogtie. She gets also a ballgag. Juliette is very ticklish and the guy tickles her feets while she is tied och gagged. After a while of struggling and tickling the man reties Juliette. What is the next step? Juliette has to stand up and take off her clothes. She wears sexy white dessous and white stockings. She gets a tapegag and her hands and feets are also tied with black tape. Now she has to clean the room. Not so easy with tied feets and hands. But she try her very best. The guy is so horny now. Juliette has to lay on the sofa and he fucks her. What a horny fuck with this sexy girl. After fucking the guy decides that Juliette should stay over night. She gets a slavecollar with a chain and the guy ties her to the wall. Juliette has to stay. Good Night, Juliette.

Girl Next Door Fucked 0
Girl Next Door Fucked 1

Girl next door is overpowered as she comes in from the bathroom. She only wears a bathrobe. The guy inspects her body and he ties her hands above her head. Time for a blowjob. But that's not enough. She has to stand up and he fucks her from behind. Good girl! He takes off the bathrobe and ties her in a strict hogtie and gags her.

Life At The Slave Prison 0
Life At The Slave Prison 1

Watch the live of a slavegirl in her slave prison. Exciting!

Overpowered By A Salesman 0
Overpowered By A Salesman 1

Juliette sits on a table and do her make up and she uses lots of lipstick. She has a date and wears sexy red dessous, fishnet stocking and high heels. She is excited for the date. That’s why she prepares perfect make up.

It’s knocking on the door. Who the hell is this? No time for visitors. It’s a salesman. Okay. Juliette has a few minutes before she has to go to the date. What has the man for sale? He has some sextoys like ropes, ballgags and so on. Juliette is a little bit confused. And after a few minutes she says that is time for him to leave her house.

But he has some spray and he uses this spray and Juliette faints and the guy lays her on the sofa. He cuffs her hands behind her back and gags her with a ballgag and than also with a inflatable gang and a ringgag. He touches her body and is really horny now.

He lays her on the belly and regags her. He will fill her mouth with his dick.

He does it a long time and while he fucks her mouth Juliette awakes and moans heavily. It’s a torture for Juliette. When does this nightmare ends? He comes in her mouth and Juliette is relieved to get a break. She has to go now in her bedroom and she refreshes her make up. She has also to eat a banana and her mouth is gagged with tape. He loves lipstick. She gets the ringgag again and in the ringgag also the inflatable gag. Not easy for her to breath. Now they leave the house and go to the car. Juliette has to climb in the trunk. What the hell wants the man from her now?

Police Officer In Shackles 0
Police Officer In Shackles 1
Police Officer In Shackles 2
Police Officer In Shackles 3

Sexy Police-Officer in distress! She gets shackles and a gag.

Tied And Fucked In Ballet High Heels 0
Tied And Fucked In Ballet High Heels 1

Juliette is tied up in a garage. She wears sexy boots and a black leather miniskirt, nylons and a leather corsett. Her hands are tied up to the ceiling. She wears white leather anklecuffs and leather handcuffs and a white leather collar. She tries to get the rope with her hands. But no chance. After a while a man comes in. He asks her if she want to go home. Of course she wants. So now she has the choice. He will looses the ropes and tickles her. If she stop the challenge he win and she has to do what he wants. If she stands the tickling she can go home. Juliette agree and they go to the bedroom. First she has to change the shoes. She has to take on ballet high heels. He loves such shoes. Than she has to lay down on her back. He ties every wrist and ankle to the bed. Now she is spreaded and the challenge can begins. He tickles her but Juliette is to ticklish. She wants that he stops the tickling but than she wants a second chance. So she get a second chance. But Juliette looses again and so she has to do what he wants. He starts to retie her.

He cuffs her hands in front of her. He takes off his pants and she has to blow his dick. Oh yeah. What a good blowjob. She looks so sexy and hot and after a while he wants also to fuck her from behind. He fucks her in doggystyle and he cums on her butt. Juliette has to lay on her belly and he ties her in a strict hogtie and gags her with a ballgag. Juliette has to stay. She can't go home.

Taped And Used 0
Taped And Used 1

While Juliette takes a shower an intruder comes into her bedroom. He is waiting behind the door for her. Juliette comes back and he handgags her and pushes her on the bed. He ties her ankles and wrists with duct tape. He gags and blindfolds her and leaves the room. She takes her chance and tries to come free but the tape is very tight. The intruder comes back and she has to do a blowjob.

Wonderwomans Enslavement 0
Wonderwomans Enslavement 1

Wonderwoman is again at the sick fan. She sits on the table and he explain her, that she has to put on a butterfly vibrator. Wonderwoman stands up and put the vibrator in her pussy. The guy goes to her and suddenly she overpowers him and asks him, what the hell he is doing with her. But he quickly take over the command again and she has to put on nipple clamps. Now she is naked and only wears her sexy boots. He cuffs her hands with handcuffs and now she get the chance to come free. If she will able to get bout of the door, she can leave the house. Wonderwoman tries to come to the door but in front of the door the guy stops her. This goes several times and of course wonderwoman can't escape. She has to sit on the sofa. With cuffed hands on her back she has to bend over and he pulls an anal dildo in her ass. He takes off his trousers and fucks her from behind.

After a little bit fucking she has to sit in cowgirl style at his dick and she fucks him. At least he wants a blowjob from her. First she has to put on the butterfly vibrator again and then she has to kneel on the floor. She blows his dick until he cums on her face. She has to clean up herself and later both sits on the sofa. Wonderwoman still naked and with the butterfly in her pussy and her sick fan touches her body and kisses her breasts.

Tags: blowjob
Girlfriends In Peril 0
Girlfriends In Peril 1

Pling is at home and hears music with a headphone and reads a magazine. She didn't hear the guy who comes in and overpowers her. The guy ties her up with leathercuffs and ropes to a hogtie. She is also gagged with a harnessgag. The guy leaves Pling for a while. Pling struggles against her bonds. Suddenly she hears a voice. Her girlfriend Juliette comes in and is surprised to find Pling tied up on the sofa. She wants to help her, but no chance. The guy cames back and overpowers also Juliette. Her ties her with ropes on the floor. Juliette gets also a ballgag. Both girls moans through her gags and struggles against her bonds. The guy choose Juliette for the next step. Both leaves the room. The guy fucks Juliette from behind. Pling hears Juliette, but she can't help her. While Pling struggles tied and gagged on the sofa, the guy fucks Juliette from behind in another room. Pling hears her girlfriend but it's not possible to help Juliette. The guy is so horny that he shots his cum on Juliettes ass after a few minutes.

Shackled At The Party 0
Shackled At The Party 1
Shackled At The Party 2
Shackled At The Party 3

Every man is dreaming of a shackled and gagged girl in his living room...

Tags: shackles
Juliette Gets Milked 0
Juliette Gets Milked 1

Juliette is strapped on a slavechair. Her wrists and ankles are attached with shackles to the slavechair. Elbows and thighs are also cuffed with leathercuffs. He pulls a hood over her head and gags her with a breathergag. Today he punishes Juliette with following: He milks her breasts and he pours the milk through the breathergag in her mouth. A vibrator works at her pussy at the same time.