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A Fucking Christmas Gift

Jodie 11:01 minutes Bondage
A Fucking Christmas Gift 0
A Fucking Christmas Gift 1

Jodie is happy. There are a lot of christmas presents for her. But after a short time she is not really amused. No Ipad, no tablet pc, only ropes and cuffs. Jodie is not happy as her neighbour comes in. Presents from him and not from her boyfriend. Such a idiot. He gags her with a towel and a ballgag. He cuffs her feets and her hands behind her back. She has to show her tits and that’s not all. He wants to take some pictures from her. Jodie is angry and shows him the finger. This was not the desired christmas gift of Jodie.


Blonde Juliette Cuffed With Leathercuffs 0
Blonde Juliette Cuffed With Leathercuffs 1
Blonde Juliette Cuffed With Leathercuffs 2
Blonde Juliette Cuffed With Leathercuffs 3

Sexy blonde Juliette wears anklecuffs and her wrists are also cuffed with leathercuffs. She wears sexy red underwear and stockings and lays on straw.

Saleswoman In Distress 0
Saleswoman In Distress 1

Juliette is a saleswoman for pantyhoses and a customer has called her. He is not satisfied with the quality of the nylons and he is very angry and overpowers her and ties her wrists and ankles with ropes. He takes out his dick and she has to use her feets and after the footjob she has to kneel down and give him a blowjob until he cums on her face.

Blonde Girl Manhandled 0
Blonde Girl Manhandled 1

Juliette is on the way at home. But it's far to the town so she is happy as a man asks her to take her to the town. But soon she has handcuffs at her wrists and the man touches her body. He pushes her to the trunk and cuffs her also with anklecuffs. She kays in the trunk and the guy drives away. Deep in the woods they go out of the car and he pushes her in a stable. There she has to take off the skirt and then the boots. Not easy to do because her hands are still cuffed behin dher back. He has a rod in his hands that's why Juliette does what he wants. He uncuffs her and she has to strip away the shirt and bra and panty. A ladder lays on the floor. Juliette has to sit down and she has to cuff her ankles with leathercuffs. The leathercuffs are attached to the ladder. The man gags her with a ballgag and now it's time to cuff her wrists to the ladder. With a winch he lifts the ladder up. He takes the rod and whips her body and especially her foot soles. Juliette screams a lot and she is scared. After a whilt the guy stops and the punishment is not over. He lifts up the ladder again.

Miley Alone At Home

Miley 21 images Bondage
Miley Alone At Home 0
Miley Alone At Home 1

Miley is at home. She wears a sexy jeans and high heels. Suddenly a guy comes in, overpowers her and ties her up with ropes. Miley gets also a cleavegag. She moans through her gag. What does the man wants from her? After a while she knows it: A good fuck. He fucks her from behind and cums on her sexy ass.

Fateful Business Trip 0
Fateful Business Trip 1

The business ends fatal for the secretary. Her boss dreams in his office about the trip: They arrive in the hotel and he ties her in a spread eagle on the bed. He cuts her pantyhose to lick her to an orgasm and after licking her he fucks her hard. The next day both sit in a car and searches after the way to a house of a friend. Finally they arrive the house. Nobody is there but the key is below the doormat. Juliette lays on the bed. She is really tired. After a while he slinks to her and tries to kiss her. She jumps out of the bed but he catches her and pushes her back to the bed. He strips her dress and boots and ties her wrists with his necktie. He also ties her feets with his leatherbelt and fucks her from behind until he cums on her back. Poor secretary!

Halloween Nightmare 0
Halloween Nightmare 1

Juliette calls her friend John and asks him if his halloween party is today. She gets the adress and she dresses herself and goes out to the party. She arrives at the house but nobody there. No other guests, no halloween decoration. Juliette goes around and searches after John. She goes in a building and it's dark inside. She calls John and suddenly the door slams and Juliette stands in the dark. Juliette is really in panic and suddenly she see a white mask shining in the dark. Juliette screams loudly and she faints...


No Escape For Her

JulietteA 36:51 minutes Blow Job, Bondage
No Escape For Her 0
No Escape For Her 1

A guy catches Juliette in the woods. He cuffs her wrists on her back and leads her on a lash through the woods to his house. She has to take off her clothes and Juliette has to crawl in a cage. What a shame. Later Juliette is waiting for him in the living room. She wears leathercuffs and is very excited to give him a blowjob.