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Cuffed In The Kitchen

2020-05-31Lea32 imagesBondage
Cuffed In The Kitchen 0
Cuffed In The Kitchen 1
Cuffed In The Kitchen 2
Cuffed In The Kitchen 3

Her neighbour has cuffed Lea in his kitchen. She asked him for some sugar and now she is his "Sugar" in the morning. What a sick man.

A Night At The Cage

2020-05-30JulietteA9:00 minutesBondage
A Night At The Cage 0
A Night At The Cage 1

The naked slavegirl learns now her new home. A cage where she will stay for the night.

She Said: He's A Bad Guy

2020-05-29JulietteA8:41 minutesBondage
She Said: He's A Bad Guy 0
She Said: He's A Bad Guy 1

Her sister had warned her: This guy is bad.
Unfortunately, Juliette did not want to hear. Now she is handcuffed on her way to the bedroom ...

Cheerleader Tied And Gagged

2020-05-28JulietteA10:08 minutesBondage, Costume
Cheerleader Tied And Gagged 0
Cheerleader Tied And Gagged 1

After the guy used the sexy cheerleader she has to take on her clothes again. He cuffs her to the radiator. He leaves her and throws the key for the handcuffs on the floor. Maybe she can reach the key before the party starts.

Hogtied And Gagged In Jeans

2020-05-27JulietteA32 imagesBondage
Hogtied And Gagged In Jeans 0
Hogtied And Gagged In Jeans 1
Hogtied And Gagged In Jeans 2
Hogtied And Gagged In Jeans 3

Juliette is tied up in jeans and topless. She is bound with ropes, tape and gagged.

Handcuffed To The Wall

2020-05-26JulietteA6:15 minutesBondage
Handcuffed To The Wall 0
Handcuffed To The Wall 1

Juliette was captured on her way home. Now the bad guy brings her to his basement and chains her to the wall with handcuffs. Poor girl.

Girl In A Stock

2020-05-25JulietteA8:00 minutesBondage
Girl In A Stock 0
Girl In A Stock 1

Juliette is tied in stock. There is nothing she can do against the presentation of her hot ass.

She Had No Choice

2020-05-24JulietteA29 imagesBondage
She Had No Choice 0
She Had No Choice 1

Juliette searches in the forest after mushrooms. She doesn't notice that a guy watches her the whole time. It's too late for her to run away...


Secure Her At Home

2020-05-23JulietteA8:58 minutesBondage
Secure Her At Home 0
Secure Her At Home 1

If you leave the house you should not only lock the door well, but also ensure that the slave can not get away. A hogtie is a safe method.

Monoglove Struggling

2020-05-22JulietteA6:59 minutesBondage
Monoglove Struggling 0
Monoglove Struggling 1

Her arms tied in a monoglove Juliette is struggling in her bedroom.

She Has To Watch Helplessly

2020-05-21JulietteA4:04 minutesBondage
She Has To Watch Helplessly 0
She Has To Watch Helplessly 1
She Has To Watch Helplessly 2
She Has To Watch Helplessly 3

Helplessly tied in a hogtie, Juliette must watch the evil guy searches her room. Hopefully he'll leave her alone soon, or what's he doing with the gag?

Used And Spermed

2020-05-20JulietteA26 imagesBondage, Blow Job
Used And Spermed 0
Used And Spermed 1

Juliette comes home and she is very tired. She takes off her clothes and wears only bra and panty and lays in her bed. She does not notice that after a while a man comes in. He is very quiet. Juliette hears no noise. He grabs her and pulls her down from the bed. She lays on her belly on the floor and the guy sits on her back and pushes a ballgag in her mouth. He takes off her bra. Then he ties her wrists with a rope. He grabs her body and her ass. What a nice and naken chick. He pulls down the panty.


Time For Your Tie Up

2020-05-19JulietteA7:06 minutesBondage
Time For Your Tie Up 0
Time For Your Tie Up 1

After doing housework, it is time for the slave to put all her restraints on again. So she will never forget her status.

Surprised By An Intruder

2020-05-18JulietteA7:47 minutesBondage
Surprised By An Intruder 0
Surprised By An Intruder 1

Juliette is in her bedroom as an intruder invades her home. He overpowers her and ties her up.

Show Me Your Shackles

2020-05-17JulietteA28 imagesBondage

Vibrated Hogtie Slave

2020-05-16JulietteA7:42 minutesBondage, Hogtie
Vibrated Hogtie Slave 0
Vibrated Hogtie Slave 1

Which position is better suited to indulge in his submissive lust than a hogtie? And the vibrator does the rest.

Selfgagging & Handcuffed

2020-05-15JulietteA8:03 minutesBondage
Selfgagging & Handcuffed 0
Selfgagging & Handcuffed 1

A Ballgag is always right for a girl and so Juliette puts it on. Then she gets even handcuffed.

The Lost Documents

2020-05-14JulietteA9:27 minutesBondage
The Lost Documents 0
The Lost Documents 1

It certainly was not a good idea when Juliette thought she could blackmail her boss. Now she is in trouble.

Red Rope Bondage

2020-05-13Kim61 imagesBondage
Red Rope Bondage 0
Red Rope Bondage 1
Red Rope Bondage 2
Red Rope Bondage 3

Kim is tied with a lot of red ropes in a hogtie and later you can see her also gagged.

The Analplug Belt

2020-05-12JulietteA7:40 minutesBondage
The Analplug Belt 0
The Analplug Belt 1

Even as a rider you need a good workout. Tied in a strappado Juliette is a chastity belt with an anal plug put on. So the riding lesson is even more fun.

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