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Anal Fucked Twins

JulietteA − 53:39 minutes
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Marika rings to her sister Milena. Milena is in her office and not at home. Marika is a little bit worried about Mr. King but Milena is totally relaxed. They finish the calling and Marika reads a magazine as someone knocks at the door. Marika opens the door and Mr. Kind rushes in and overpowers her. He pushes her down on the floor and cuffs her hands on her back. Marika is horrified and he pulls her up again and they go in the bedroom. There she has to take off her skirt and shirt and also bra and panties. Now she only wears a garter belt with stockings and sexy boots. Marika has to lay on the bed and Mr. King ties her wrists with ropes to the bed. Suddenly he hears a noise. A car is coming and Mr. King recognizes that Milena is on the way to the house. It's a jackpot for him. He gags Marika with tape and connects her ankles also with a rope to the bed. Marika has to wait now. Milena gets out of the car and goes in the house. She has no idea that Mr. King is back. In the house Milena wonders where her sister is and while she is watching at her mobile Mr. King slinks to her and catches her from behind. It's too late for Milena as she recognizes that Mr. King is back. He ties her wrists on her back and pushes her to a box. She has to lay on the box and he ties her in a strict hogtie. Milena moans a lot and she will not be tied again and she don't want to give him a blowjob again. But it's not her decision. He takes out his dick and fucks her mouth hardly. After some minutes he gags her with a ballgag and leaves her. Now he wants to fuck her sister anal. He returns to the bedroom. Marika is still there and he looses the ropes at her ankles and pulls her ass up. Now she presents her ass and he fucks her from behind. The anal fucking hurts and Marika screams in the tape gag. After some minutes of anal fucking he cums on her ass and back. He ties her ankles again and leaves the house. Marika tries to come free and calls her sister.

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Juliette saw the announcement of Mr. Smith in a supermarket that he searches someone for helping him in his garden. She asks him if she can help him and he is very happy to see her. She gets the job and Juliette shall start with planting the flowers. Juliette does it and Mr. Smith goes away. After a while she has a question and searches after Mr. Smith. He is happy to have such a cute girl in his garden. Juliette finds him at the chicken roost. He wants to show her something and they go in the chicken roost. There he overpowers her and she has to takes off her clothes. He ties her wrists and ankles with ropes and now it's time for a blowjob. She has to kneel down and she blows his dick. He cums in her mouth. She shall swallow his cum. What a cool creampie. He leaves her to relax a while. Juliette is naked and it is cold in the stable. She tries to loose the ropes and after a while she can escape. She creeps out of the roost and puts away the rope and goes quiet along the house. But damn. Mr. Smith catches her again and they go in the stable again. There Juliette gets shackles at neck, wrists and ankles. He connects a chain between neckshackle and the post. Time for round 2. He takes out his dick and fucks her from behind. The shackles and chains clanks a lot. The man fucks her hardly from behind and cums in her pussy. The cum drips out of her pussy. Juliette has to stay in the stable and after a while the guy comes back to close the stable door.

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Juliette is tied with ropes between two trees. She is gagged with a ball gag. After a while she drools a lot.

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Juliette takes a ride to a lake. It's sunny and Juliette enjoys to be there. But after a while she gets troubled. Is there someone behind the trees? Sometimes she hears a noise but she can't see someone. After a while she has enough. She goes to her car and drives away. She doesn't saw the guy who was watching her all the time. Juliette arrives at her home and goes in. She opens the window because it's too warm inside the bedroom. She takes off her clothes and lays on her bed. All the time the guy from the lake is watching her. As Juliette lays on the bed he takes his chance. He goes in and stands beside her bed and suddenly he grabs her arms. He ties her with ropes in a frogtie. Then he takes off her bra and rolls Juliette on her back. The guy takes out his dick and she has to give him a blowjob. After a short blowjob he gags her with a towel. Time for fucking. First he fucks her in front and after a while her fucks her from behind in doggystyle. He cums on her ass and back and leaves her alone. Juliette tries to loose the ropes and after a while she can untie herself.

Bad Date

JulietteA − 34:28 minutes
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Juliette lays on her bed and checks her messages. She is happy because she has contact with a guy and he wants a blind date. Not in a cinema or restaurant. He wants a blind date in the forest. Later she goes in a sexy dress and a picnic rug through the forest. The guy isn't there. So she waits for him and sits on the rug in the sun. After a while a man arrives. It is the guy from the internet. Juliette is surprised. He has no picnic basket only a bag. He wants to show her something and Juliette is prying what he has for her. Maybe a present? No, only some black high heels and a leather outfit. Juliette is irritated. The man says that she has a beautiful body. So Juliette takes off dress and bra and takes on the leather mini skirt and the leather corsage. The man touches her body and asks for a blowjob. That is too much for Juliette. She will call a friend and she will go home now. The man says that is was only a joke but Juliette will not stay longer. She bends over to her dress for searching the mobile and the man strikes her down. He touches her body and connects ropes to her wrists. He carries her over to some trees and slaps her face and ties her between two trees. He puts on her high heels and gags her with a ball gag. He asks again for a blowjob but Juliette won't give him a blowjob. So he takes a bough and strikes her body and ass. After a while Juliette agrees and he looses the ropes from the tree. He ties her wrists behind her back and Juliette gets also a ropes around her waist and pussy. He pushes her to the picnic rug. Time for the blowjob. He cums on her face. He laughs about Juliette. Unbelievable how much women agree to a blind date and he can do what he wants with them. He goes away and Juliette will never do again a blind date.